Indiana Statewide General Education Core

Have you completed your Statewide Gen Ed Core (STGEC)?

The state of Indiana in collaboration with state higher education institutions has defined a set of statewide competencies that form a “core” of 30 credit hours that each public institution has identified with a milestone. Competencies are the skills and knowledge associated with the coursework considered foundational for further study in higher education, and which introduce students to a range of skills and disciplines. These are described in the STGEC as Foundational Skills and Ways of Knowing. The competencies were agreed upon by faculty across Indiana state educational institutions, and can be viewed HERE.

If you’ve earned your STGEC from any Indiana public two- or four-year institution, you are eligible to transfer a minimum of 30 credit hours toward your degree. Check with your advisor to review your transcript and to discuss more details on meeting the STGEC milestone.

Statewide Gen Ed Core at IU campuses:

Degree-seeking students who have not completed the STGEC prior to matriculation will be expected to meet all general education requirements on the campus at which they are officially pursuing a degree (their “home campus.”) At the appropriate time, the home campus at which a student is seeking a degree will assign the STGEC milestone. Coursework taken at another campus or institution will count toward general education requirements or the STGEC based on the home campus’s articulation rules and its general education requirements.