No matter where you started, we'll help you finish.

You can transfer to IU with 30 hours of general education requirements completed at a public university in Indiana.

You can participate in the Guaranteed Admission Transfer and Completion Initiative (GATCI) program and earn a general education core certificate or associate degree from Ivy Tech and become eligible for priority admission to an IU campus.

You can follow a single articulation pathway from an Indiana community college to a corresponding degree at a four-year institution without a loss of credit hours starting in fall 2015.

You can transfer from another IU campus.

You can transfer your credit course by course. (Note that this is the least efficient way to transfer. While these credits may appear on your transcript, the number that will actually count toward your degree depends on the degree program you enter and the requirements of the discipline.)

If you have fifteen hours of Ivy Tech credit or more and have completed a total of 60 hours toward your baccalaureate, you may be eligible for an associate degree on your way to the baccalaureate.