Transferring 100 & 200 Level Courses

Associate College Credit Cannot Transfer As 300-400 Level

The University Faculty Council has voted in a policy update, ruling that credit earned at two-year degree-granting “associate’s colleges” (per Carnegie Classification) will not substitute for 300-400 level courses at IU. Because these institutions promise mission focuses on two-year degrees, credit for those courses must transfer into IU at the corresponding (100-200) level. If a student earns credit at an associate’s college from a course which, at IU, is only offered at the 300-400 level, that associate’s college credit will not count as completion of the IU course. If the upper-level course is required for the student’s degree, they may have to retake it at IU to fulfill their degree requirement.

Associate’s college credit may transfer to count for lower-level IU requirements, or come in as undistributed lower-level credit. In cases of credit from institutions other than associate’s colleges, credit transfer where the courses are offered at different levels may be up to the IU department or transfer administration.

Read the whole IU Policy on 100-200 level course transfers