Transfer Credits

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  • Transferring grades below a C

    If an Indiana public state institution certifies that you’ve completed the Indiana Statewide Transfer General Education Core (ISTGEC), 30 credit hours will be automatically applied to your degree program at IU. Grades below a C may be accepted for admission to the campus, but you might be required to repeat that coursework if your grades don’t meet the requirements of your program. (Note: completing the ISTGEC doesn’t guarantee admission to IU.)

  • Courses that don't transfer and limits on credits

    There are several kinds of courses that don't transfer:

    • Remedial or developmental coursework;
    • Any coursework below a C that isn’t included as part of the ISTGEC;
    • Courses for which IU doesn’t offer an equivalent (for example, some vocational, technical, or professional courses).

    If you’re transferring from a community college, a maximum of 60 to 64 credit hours will transfer to IU. If you’re transferring from an institution that offers bachelor’s degrees, there is no limit—however, you must meet the residency requirement at your chosen campus.

  • Undistributed credit

    Undistributed credit generally means that a particular transfer course doesn’t match any courses on your chosen campus. Instead of denying you the credit, the course is listed as “undistributed.” In most cases, this will count only toward elective credit, although some programs will consider an appeal for it to count toward general education or within a degree program.

  • Transcripts and GPA

    IU requires you to submit all previous post-secondary transcripts and may also require high school transcripts form transfer students. If you fail to submit these, you may find that your admission or the awarding of your degree are delayed—or you may be dismissed from IU. (Note: specific policies and required documentation may vary. Be sure to check with the admissions office on your chosen campus.)

    Only if you’re transferring from another IU campus. Your GPA is calculated only on coursework completed at any Indiana University campus.

  • CLEP and DSST (formely DANTE) scores

    Whether your CLEP or DSST scores transfer depends on your scores, the area in which you took the exam, and whether your chosen campus and/or degree program accepts CLEP or DSST exams. Select your destination campus to learn more.

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