Reverse Transfer

What is Reverse Transfer?

Reverse Transfer allows former Ivy Tech or Vincennes University students to receive their associate degree while pursuing a bachelor’s degree at IU.

How does Reverse Transfer work?

Reverse transfer works by transferring back credits earned from IU to Ivy Tech or Vincennes. Once your transcript is sent to Ivy Tech or Vincennes, these institutions will determine your eligibility for an associate degree.

  • IU will first pull a report of all eligible students. Then, IU will send an email message to eligible students to see if they want to opt in or out to participate in the Reverse Transfer process.
  • Next, IU will wait 4 weeks for students to reply to the initial opt in or out email message.
  • IU will then send the students’ transcripts to their former institution.
  • After 2 to 4 weeks, the two-year institution will contact the student and determine if the student is eligible for an associate degree.

Once an associate degree is awarded, the two-year institution will send an updated transcript to IU to be added to the student record.

Reverse Transfer Timeline - Spring 2022

Below is the Spring 2022 timeline for the Reverse Transfer process.

  1. On February 9, IU will send out the opt in Reverse Transfer email to all students who may be eligible. Students have until March 18 to respond to this email and opt in to be part of the Reverse Transfer process. 
  2. On March 23, IU will generate students' transcripts that have opted in to the Reverse Transfer process. The IU transcript will be sent out to your former community college (either Ivy Tech or Vincennes) for consideration.
  3. Once your former community college has received your transcript, it is then up to them to decide whether or not you are eligible to receive your associate degree.