Mission & Vision

Transfer is an increasingly important part of American university students’ experience, and so it is imperative that students who transfer to Indiana University find IU to be inviting, informative, and supportive in the pursuit of their academic goals. With the number of Indiana Transfer Statewide Articulation Pathways (TSAP), the number of higher education options, and student mobility growing, we have seen an increasing use of transfer credit. It is equally important that the movement of credit within Indiana University support our students’ ability to achieve their academic goals in a timely and efficient manner and without needing to compile excess credit.

Transfer is a shared responsibility between the university and individual campuses. Indiana University assures that students’ credit is transferred accurately and appropriately, with the goals of setting priorities and implementing these practices where they are not yet in place. The University Transfer Office provides university-wide services and systems, and assists the campuses in establishing and maintaining best-practice transfer policies and procedures.